Dear Clients,

While we would like to reassure everyone that East St. Paul Animal Hospital at this time remains COVID19-free, we are taking steps to protect our staff, our clients, and all of our families from the spread of this virus while still maintaining necessary services.

With that in mind, we have implemented several changes in our operations during the pandemic:

We are open but require everyone to wear a face mask while inside the clinic. We may implement a closed-door policy based on pandemic changes. We are still offering curb-side assistance, if you wish to use this option please call ahead from your vehicle to let us know you have arrived for your appointment, or to pick up any food or medications.

  • We will be continuing to maintain the utmost in sanitation and cleaning of examination rooms between appointments. Our exam room surfaces are cleaned and disinfected, and our staff wash hands between contact with each patient. We would appreciate the same hand washing courtesy on behalf of our clients and will provide you with a means of doing so before and after appointments.
  • As a client, if you have recently travelled out of the country and/or are supposed to be in isolation, we ask that you postpone any visits to the clinic for 14 days. In addition, any clients who are currently ill or have had recent exposure to someone ill/at-risk of COVID19, please delay any non-urgent visits. If it is urgent that your pet is seen, please try to arrange for a friend or relative that is not ill or has not been in contact with the COVID19 virus to transport your pet to the clinic. Our staff will try to get as much information from you on the phone as possible to minimize the time spent in-clinic.
  • For any scheduled appointments, please have only the minimally required number of people attend the appointment.
  • In response to restrictions placed by Manitoba health regarding COVID19, East St. Paul Animal Hospital may restrict access to clients inside the clinic.
  • If any of our clients prefer to limit their contact, we will offer drop-off appointments for sick/injured animals. Clients can call us from the parking lot, and staff will provide pick up directly from your vehicle. Similarly, all clients refilling food or prescriptions should call ahead and prepay by phone. Staff can deliver these products to you in the parking lot or at our back door.
  • The current situations are affecting our supply chain of food and medications. We will do our utmost to meet your food and medication requests but we expect that we will not be able to satisfy all requests.
  • It is likely that with school closures, isolation requirements, illness, etc. we may end up short-staffed. We have also asked that any of our employees feeling unwell to stay home, and we ask that any client feeling unwell before an appointment, even if on short notice, please just call ahead to cancel and stay home until feeling better. Please be aware that this may affect our ability to schedule appointments and procedures. We will deal with these potential issues should they arise and apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
  • In addition, the spread of the virus through the country has already created shortages of medical supplies such as sterile gloves and masks. These shortages may necessitate the postponement of non-urgent procedures and may limit access to medications. Please call ahead of time for any refills needed on medications or supplies to allow us as much time as possible to source things out for you.
  • And as always, should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are hoping that all of our clients are staying safe and healthy.

Our current clinic hours are as follows:

Monday 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 8am – 5pm

Wednesday 8am – 5pm

Thursday 8am – 5pm

Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday 8am – 2pm

Sundays and Holidays we are closed

East St. Paul Animal Hospital requires masks to be worn at all times while inside the clinic. We are still offering curb side pick-up, if you wish you may call us at 204-661-2183 from your vehicle when you arrive for an appointment or for a pick up.